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Héroes de Guerra

Tras colocar las bandas a los antiterroristas en el Panteón Nacional, donde descansan los restos de Simón Bolívar, Maduro aseguró que su país los reconoce como héroes de la Patria Grande latinoamericana.
El mandatario condenó la retención de los Cinco durante largos años en cárceles de Estados Unidos y aseveró que en ese país existe una maquinaria de control, manipulación y desinformación mediática que impidió mostrar la verdad del encarcelamiento del grupo en 1998, así como sus condenas por trabajar en aras de la seguridad de Cuba, su pueblo y sus visitantes.
Condecoran en Venezuela a Los Cinco
Por Cubadebate - Martes, 05 de Mayo de 2015
Publicado: miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2015 en Claridad

¿Qué les parece?

¿Con qué
armas Fidel?
Para Nicolás Maduro, matar cuatro cubano-americanos que cumplían con una labor humanitaria de detectar balseros cubanos, ayudarlos a que no se desidraten o se ahoguen en el estrecho de la Florida y cuyas avionetas no tenían armas de ataque es un acto heróico.

El periódico Claridad condena las acciones del gobernador AGaPito, incita a acabar con los partidos políticos mayoritarios que simbolizan la democracia, pero por otro lado publica en su sección “Internacionales”, un artículo de Cubadebate donde dice todo lo contrario. 

¿Confusión de espíritu? 

No, ellos saben muy bien que hacen y usan también demagogía y propaganda embrutecedora, de eso viven y a eso se dedican para coger de tontejos a los independentistas románticos que piensan que el Che y Filiberto son también héroes de guerra. 

Irónicamente las Madres contra la Guerra criticarían a los Estados Unidos si hace un acto similar, pero no actúan en contra de Maduro por hacer este acto terrorista o marchan en contra de los ejércitos que esclavisan a sus pueblos como ocurre en Venezuela y Cuba.

Claro, a los comunistas les encanta manipular la mente de los incautos y de los que les gusta ir junto a la masa amorfa, que da por bueno lo que sus líderes de pacotilla gritan en una tribuna. Ser diferente, cuestionar sus idioteces, predicar amor y lealtad a la nación americana es un gran pecado y ser “contrarevolucionario”.

¿Disciplina de partido?

Useful idiots in the West. Tempting fate with the Russian Govt is rather dangerous. They have a tendancy to over-react.
While people may question the rise of Slavic ultra-nationalism back in the Kremlin the Ukraine can fall...Maybe Russia wants to destroy America for the humiliation of 1991.
Russia is still ready for a strike on the US Mainland. Subs and bombers and new nukes that can make the missile shield obsolete indicate Kerry trust in Russia is misguided like in 2008.
In Russia after all KAL007 was the US fault and the Kursk sinking was by the US Navy so you can imagine all the hatred for the US-Nato and the Western World at large... the reset means nothing to Russia except for America to be asleep at the wheel.

¿Está Obama y Kerry pecando de ingenuos?

Pero no hay nada mejor que leer el testimonio de personas que han vivido en carne propia la decepción en una potencia mundial comunista que en estos días celebra una victoria que sus mismos ciudadanos se la cuestionan haciéndose esta pregunta...

What does Victory Day mean in a country 
that has enslaved its people?

Tengo que incluir este artículo de opinión completo, porque los puertorriqueños tenemos mucho que aprender de los rusos, que hoy, todavía viven en una dictadura corrupta bajo Vladimir Putin en su patria y desde los tiempos de Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Lenin, Engels y Carlos Marx, sí los padres putativos del comunismo hardcore.

Juzgue usted...

Propaganda rusa

The Opinion Pages | OP-ED CONTRIBUTOR
How Russians Lost the War
MAY 8, 2015
ZURICH — My father went to war as a volunteer at age 18. He was a submariner in the Baltic Sea.
When I was small, we lived in a basement on the Arbat, in central Moscow. Hanging on the wall above my bed was a photograph of his Shchuka-class submarine. I was terribly proud that my papa had a submarine, and I was always copying that photograph into my school notebook.
Every year on May 9, Victory Day in Russia — marking the anniversary of the day that news of the German surrender in 1945 reached Moscow — my father would go to the closet and take out his sailor’s uniform, which required regular alteration to accommodate his growing belly, and pin on his medals. It was so important to me to be proud of my father: There had been a war and my papa had won it!
When I grew up, I realized that in 1944 and 1945, my father was sinking ships that were evacuating German civilians and troops from Riga, in Latvia, and Tallinn, in Estonia. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people met their deaths in the waters of the Baltic — for which my father received his medals. It’s been a long time since I was proud of him, but I don’t judge him. It was war.
My father fought the evil of fascism, but he was taken advantage of by another evil. He and millions of Soviet soldiers, sailors and airmen, virtual slaves, brought the world not liberation but another slavery. The people sacrificed everything for victory, but the fruits of this victory were less freedom and more poverty.
My father was 6 when his father was arrested. A son wants to be proud of his father, but his father was called an enemy of the people. My grandfather perished in the gulag.
Soldados iraquíes rescatando niños en una escuela.

When the war began, the persecuted population heard from the loudspeakers, “Brothers and sisters!” The baseness of Russia’s rulers lies in the way they have always taken advantage of this remarkable human emotion: the love of homeland and the willingness to sacrifice everything for it.
So my father went off to defend his homeland. He was still a boy when he went to sea, in constant terror of drowning in that steel coffin. He ended up protecting the regime that killed his father.
The victory gave the slaves nothing but a sense of the grandeur of their master’s empire. The great victory only reinforced their great slavery.
After the war, my father drank. All his submariner friends did. What else could they do?
During the Gorbachev era, we had lean times, and my father, as a veteran, received a ration that included items from Germany. For him, this was a personal insult. He got drunk and hollered: “But we won!” Then he quieted down and began to weep.
“Tell me,” he kept asking no one I could see, “did we win the war or lose it?”
In his last years, he destroyed himself with vodka. He was the last man standing: All his submariner friends had drunk themselves into the grave long before. My father was cremated in his sailor’s uniform. He was probably eager to see his wartime buddies.
Soldados americanos atendiendo el éxodo del Mariel
provocado por Fidel Castro.
The chief Russian question is: If the fatherland is a monster, should it be loved or hated? Here everything has run together, inseparably. Long ago, a Russian poet put it this way: “A heart weary of hate cannot learn to love.”
Of course, I wish my homeland victory. But what would constitute a victory for my country? Each one of Hitler’s victories was a defeat for the German people. And the final rout of Nazi Germany was a victory for the Germans themselves, who demonstrated how a nation can rise up and live like human beings without the delirium of war in their heads.
Today, though, Victory Day has nothing to do with the people’s victory or my father’s victory. It is not a day of peace and remembrance for the victims. It is a day for rattling swords, a day of zinc coffins, a day of aggression, a day of great hypocrisy and great baseness.
For Russians have been called, once again, to fight a war against fascism. The patriotic hysteria on the television is the regime’s miracle weapon. Thanks to the “zombie box,” the population now has a make-believe idea of the world: The West wants to destroy us, so we are compelled, like our fathers and grandfathers, to wage holy war against fascism and we must be prepared to sacrifice everything for victory.
Once again, the rulers are rewriting history and leaving in it only military victories and martial glory. They have added a chapter to school textbooks about Crimea’s glorious return. A stream of hysteria flows from TV screens: “Great Russia,” “Defend the Russian language,” “Gather in the Russian world” and “We will save the world from fascism.” Anyone who objects is a “national traitor.”
La propaganda contra Israel y sus Primer Ministro Netanyahu
raya en la falta de respeto a un pueblo que vive bajo la amenaza 
de desaparecerlo de la faz de la Tierra
In the 16th year of his rule, President Vladimir V. Putin has achieved everything a dictator could strive for. His people love him; his enemies fear him. He has created a regime that rests not on the shaky paragraphs of a constitution but on the unshakable laws of the vassal’s personal loyalty to his sovereign, from the bottom to the top of the pyramid of power.
My father was a Russian; my mother, a Ukrainian. But the Putin regime has set our peoples against each other. Sometimes, I think it’s good my parents did not live to see how Russians and Ukrainians are killing one another.
It is impossible to breathe in a country where the air is permeated with hatred. Much hatred has always been followed in history by much blood. What awaits my country? Transformation into a gigantic version of Ukraine’s eastern Donbass region?
Once again, the dictatorship is calling on its subjects to defend the homeland, mercilessly exploiting the propaganda of victory in the Great Patriotic War. Russia’s rulers have stolen my people’s oil, stolen their elections, stolen their country. And stolen their victory.
Father, we lost the war.
Mikhail Shishkin is a Russian novelist and the author, most recently, of the story collection “Calligraphy Lesson.” This article was translated by Marian Schwartz from the Russian.
Este artículo deja en el aire una pregunta sin contestar
¿Quiénes son los verdaderos héroes de guerra?

Soldados americanos rescatando niños en Vietnam

Fotos 65th Infantry “Borinqueneers”

Los independentistas vegetarianos boricuas que se jactan de criticar a los veteranos puertorriqueños llamándolos “carne de cañón”, que han participado en las guerras de la 1ra y 2da Guerra Mundial, Korea, Vietnam, y las que se desatan en el Medio Oriente sepan que, éstos sí son verdaderos héroes de guerra, han ofrendado sus vidas para defender la libertad de los hombres que han decidido ser verdaderamente libres del comunismo en este lado del mundo.  Que ofrendaron sus vidas para también defender los derechos de las víctimas de esas guerras luchando contra gobiernos totalitarios como los nazis, los coreanos, los vietnamitas y ahora los yihadistas musulmanes.

Defender a un terrorista como Nicolás Maduro o Raúl Castro, es una demostración más de la gran hipocresía que representan. Ningún soldado debe defender un presidente que esclavisa a un pueblo para él tener una vida de privilegios junto a sus alcahuetes delincuentes, mucho menos para defender el comunismo, una ideología que es como el camaleón, asume diferentes nombres pero al final es la misma nefasta doctrina que tanta hambre y miseria humana arrastra en toda la historia de la humanidad.

Si se pasean, se reúnen 
y se retratan con ellos, son como ellos.

Los cinco espías cubanos, porque eso es lo que son, no son ningunos héroes, son delincuentes financiados por la dictadura castrista. Los llevan de un lado para otro como animales de circo, para que los dictadores comunistas hagan su propaganda embrutecedora a un pueblo venezolano, que al igual que el cubano, ya sabe que viven una dictadura militar y cuyos soldados hacen lo mismo que hicieron los soldados rusos en la 2da Guerra Mundial, esclavizar a su propia gente.
De aquí a 50 años quizás un hijo de un militar venezolano o cubano se atreva a contar una historia parecida.
Such is Life!